Cloud Readiness Assessments

Identifies how a customer might best grasp the benefits of the Cloud, and provide a detailed roadmap to achieve them, including the economic impact Cloud adoption would have.

Cloud Migration

Once your cloud strategy is established, we can start designing a detailed cloud migration plan to help you successfully navigate the migration process. Our approach to creating this roadmap involves a four-step process:

Application Virtualization

It shifts key business applications to the Cloud, delivering far superior scalability and flexibility while lowering ongoing maintenance costs. Ease of deployment and support for a wide range of applications

Cloud Managed Services

Provides ongoing support for Cloud migrated desktops, devices, applications, and workflows, which is secure and accessible. Effective management continues to be the key priority as cloud adoption continues to rise in the world.

Our mission and values


Our purpose is to provide more efficient IT infrastructure and service to better understand the opportunity, risk, and business resources.

Our Advantages

Strategy Experts

Tecofisi has helped many companies of all sizes build data and analytics strategies supporting both business and IT goals. Our pragmatic approach to building a strategy brings alignment and focus to the organization to help move the business forward quickly.

Azure Expertise

We are MSFT Gold Partners specializing in Azure, allowing us to stay on top of the rapid changes in the Azure landscape and provide our customers with the best service and advice possible.

Dedicated Engineers

TecOfisi assigns a dedicated cloud engineer for every customer ensuring that you have a consistent, single point of contact throughout your cloud journey.

Knowledge Across Cloud Vendors

TecOfisi has a wealth of knowledge and experience with multiple cloud vendors and platforms, so we can make informed technology recommendations for your organization, based on your existing tech stack and business needs.

Data & Analytics Expertise

TecOfisi is leading in the implementation of innovative data and analytics solutions. Grasping our data and analytics implementations experience, TecOfisi brings expertise, experience, and thought-leadership to ensure your cloud is engineered with data and analytics in mind from the start.

24/7 Support

Today, success for almost every organization is driven by having the right IT and using it effectively. Therefore, one of the most important investments you’ll make is in keeping your IT infrastructure up and running smoothly.

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